Monday, March 31, 2008

La Revolucion de las Mariposas

by Isabel Croxatto

To all of you, that are joining us this week on the blog I would like tell you more about what this piece and collaboration project.

And I will to start by telling you a little bit about ABUNDANZA and who we are.

ABUNDANZA is a concept of movement and a method to develop creative work in dance.
ABUNDANZA is also our ID. We are a group of independent artist from different disciplines that have come together to create and develop a new dance, that concerns social issues, that is meaningful and at the same time is asking questions and pushing the edges of contemporary art.

ABUNDANZA´s home is located in Santiago de Chile, but our development fields all around the world where we are invited, by dancers, students, organizations, special programs, residencies and venues open to experience and explore our work.

"The Revolution of the Butterflies" is the starting point of a new movement, that proposes to "reforest" the human soul with dance, to give to oxygen our society with human dancing trees and spread all over the world, the irresistible desire to stop consuming our environment, make a change, and move towards something better.

The language of movement of this dance, is born from four main concepts:

  • The Body as a Tree
  • The “ancestral and irresistible desire to dance"
  • The metamorphosis process of the Caterpillar into a Butterfly
  • And the “Effect of the Butterfly” ...the flying movements of one Butterfly here can mean a significant movement on the other side of the planet

As artists and dancers, we are moved by the urgency to save the planet, to hold the Earth with our feet, and to nourish back the Earth with our dance...

You can join us and be a part of this "Revolution of Butterflies", by giving us your thoughts, coments and experiences in the Blog, and of course by coming to see the performance on April 12 and 13 at Strathmore., at the Warmer concert.

Enjoy and lets keep in touch,

Isabel Croxatto

Choreographer and Director of Abundanza
Guest Choreographer at CityDance Ensemble, in Washington DC.

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