Thursday, April 30, 2009


Ramallah bound.

It's 6:45am here in Amman and around the hotel everyone is packing bags, checking closets and drawers and bundling the first round of memories. We are gathering in the lobby in a few moments to board transports (either buses or cabs) to the Jordanian/Israeli border and Ramallah, Jerusalem, Nazareth and the next wave of concerts and sounds, sights and experiences.

Amman, by every possible measure, has exceeded all our hopes, expectations and imaginings. Take all the best dreams and double them for each person. The people from the country, the staff from the embassy, the technicians from the theater and, most enduring, the 1,000+ children we've danced for in the past 72 hours have been warmer, more helpful, kind, enthusiastic and reaffirming than one could have ever dreamed.

Yesterday was a day of little ones, including 300+ orphans taking in Jungle Books.

The theater on Wednesday for the repertory concert was 700+ beyond capacity inside, with 200 turned away outside (that legend will grow and I'm sure the number turned away will exceed 500 by the time we get home, with the Royal family probably being among them.... : - ) )

On to Ramallah....

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