Saturday, May 2, 2009

The unavoidable

And then there's the drama of travel.

One week in we have lost a 17 inch MacBook Pro because we left it in the x-ray machine at Delta Airlines. Four days of frantic calls yielded nothing from all sides of the various countries and oceans. And, just when it was clear we (meaning me) were in a real mess because it was out in the world, Delta writes to say they have it.

10 minutes before I read the email from Delta saying it was found one of the staff on the tour came down to the cafe in the hotel in which we were staying in Amman completely white because she thought her passport, wallet, credit cards and everything irreplaceable had been stolen. It was in her bag.

The following day one of the company members iPhones vanished from the stage in Amman during a cleaning sweep. Its still missing and presumed lost. (an appropriate service will be held when we get back).

Last night another one of the company members lost her mind when she lost her wallet, containing her passport, DL, credit cards and everything else somewhere in Ramallah. A night of frantic searching turned up nothing. It was in someone else's room.

These are the inevitable things of traveling. But they are insanely stressful, and add that madcap, 60s screwball comedy air to the day. That which is simple at home is complex here, and the random absent-mindedness that is commonplace at home becomes an "O H M Y G O D" moment far away. Lose a drivers license in DC and you have the hassle of getting another one and losing half a day. Lose your passport in Ramallah and......But we didn't, and things continue apace and we all just learn as we go.

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