Saturday, March 27, 2010

At the Ambassador's residence

Following Saturday night's performance of Jungle Books at the Culture Hall we had the pleasure of being invited for drinks at the home of Ambassador and Mrs. Adam Ereli. An extraordinary residence and a great time to visit and enjoy the day. The US Embassy, and particularly their Public Affairs Officer Rachel Graaf, went to an extraordinary amount of effort to bring us to Bahrain, and the Ambassador himself came to two of our three programs so far. He was a very gracious host, and his remarks at the end of the evening made everyone feel very much appreciated. It was a wonderful gesture.

The picture below also shows our five Bahraini colleagues, who came to work with us for this production of Jungle Books. We re-wrote parts of the script, added sections to fold them into the concert, and all five were able to participate in the two-day run of JB. They are all young artists with varying levels of expertise, but each did a great job with his part, and gave a special feel to the entire performance. We were delighted that they came to join us and spend a few hours visiting at the invitation of Ambassador Ereli.

They are all in the front of the image (Ambassador Ereli and Rachel Graaf are in the back row at the top of the stairs. Mrs. Ereli is in the third row on the left. Our actors names are Mohammed Adel Al Saeed, Sayed Hameed Al Najar, Khalid Naser Al Saleh, Mohammed Matooq Abbas and Mohammed Abdul Majeed. Wonderful and talented young men.

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