Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ludo's trailer

August 25th

Ludovic Jolivet has been family since 1998 at CityDance. His first two dances for the Company, "Salam" and "Roger & Lucie" remain among the finest and most popular in our repertory. "Roger & Lucie" has been on every major tour we've had, and returns for our upcoming trip to Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

More than just a gifted choreographer Ludovic is a great film maker. When we needed trailers to send to our presenters I turned to him. Here's the 60 second spot he made. It has no text or titles (none of us have much facility with cyrillic)....

The dances are by Paul Taylor ("Images" and "Last Look") and Christopher K. Morgan ("+1/-1)....

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