Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Frankie FilmWORKS: The Sony page

Thursday, September 16th
Minsk, Belarus

OK, so we're on tour and there's an endless amount of great stuff going on here. But something amazing is happening Stateside too. 

Our uber-film-maker, Francisco Campos-Lopez (Frankie) has been making fabulous work for us for two-years now. He's also a rock-star (literally and figuratively) music-video guy. You don't get from Chile to DC as an upstart film-maker by lacking ambition, and Frankie submitted his reel to Sony. We use Sony equipment for all our FilmWORKS projects, and that qualified Frankie to strut his stuff to them. And they liked it. 

A lot. 

Frankie is the featured artist on the Sony VideoON page starting today. Check out the screen capture of his crazy-great commercial for CityDance's "Alma" by Rachel Erdos. The dancers are Giselle Alvarez and Jason Garcia Ignacio. 

And the dapper dude in the lower left -- who looks like a 50s movie star and a guy running for office at the same time is Frankie FilmWORKS. 

Totally cool. Don't miss the page. 

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