Saturday, January 22, 2011

NEXT: The new commissions (Part 3)

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011
Washington, DC

The creative process is endlessly, always startling. This time two weeks ago we were in New York at the Arts Presenters Conference, showcasing and building brand and identity. At this moment two weeks ago I was in the theater with Betsy watching "American Idiot" on Broadway.

Tonight there are two new dances in the books from the winners of the 2011 NEXT Commission. Those dances, by Greg Dolbashian and Loni Landon are remarkable in many ways. For both Greg and Loni I think the most intriguing thing is where the dancers with whom they worked took them. Greg's work pushed Rob and Jason in ways I've never seen for either of them, and we all kept watching Jason and thinking it was a totally unique way for him to move -- and we thought we'd seen everything from Jason. Rob embraced the challenge with an abandon that I think gave Greg room to move.

These dances will be with us a long time.

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