Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Limited Visibility...

...Chris (AKA Christopher K. Morgan) is at work on a new dance, "Limited Visibility," for the upcoming concert series at Montgomery College here in DC (well, technically suburban Maryland 'cause McPAC is about 25 feet over the District line). He's been working with Francisco (Campos-Lopez, one of our Creative Directors for FilmWORKS) on both commercials and an Inside Look video MicroDoc. They've really produced amazing stuff together -- and the commercial really shows both Chris' vision and Francisco's gifts behind the camera to their fullest.

Here's Chris's Artistic Statement on the dance:

Continuing his investigation of work that brings intimacy to the stage, Christopher K. Morgan's newest piece, Limited Visibility, exposes what one usually hides from public view.  Inviting the dancers to reveal things they might only do in private, the piece is a suite of dances connected in theme and design.  

Partially inspired by material he developed during CityDance's recent collaboration with the University of Iowa International Writer's Project, the work uses unconventional lighting sources to define small personal areas on the stage in which the dancers perform.  A sleek scenic design that Morgan is creating himself, as well as costumes made with frequent collaborator Kyle Lang, the aesthetic of the piece brings the edge near.

Thought it would be fun to put both here - process and result...


The INSIDE LOOK video:

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