Monday, September 19, 2011

Kyrgyzstan bound: September 29 - October 8

Contracts came in and its official -- at the invitation of the US Embassy in Bishkek the Company heads for a one-week engagement in Kyrgyzstan to start October. A week of workshops, master classes and an evening-length performance that features our premiere of Roni Koresh's "Theater of Public Secrets," and, in a real highlight for me, has the Kazakh company Kathryn and I have worked with so often, Samruk, coming over the Tien Shen Mountains to perform the dance she and I made for them at the end of May during the last of our CityDance days, "11: Thoughts on the Passage of Time." A dream come true to collaborate with Samruk, which is really my second family at this point. And, as always, its through the care and kindness and support of the US Department of State.

Pretty amazing.

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