Thursday, October 16, 2008

NEXT stop: Terrace

CityDance at the Kennedy Center.
Saturday, October 18th at 7:30
Terrace Theater.

The last rehearsal is done. The choreographers changes complete (barring the chaos of the "five minutes before curtain" change that so often creeps into dance). The show is tight and ready and in the top 2 or 3 the company has ever staged. Friday is a day of madness getting into the Kennedy Center in far too little time for far too much money. As great as it is having one of the world's most famous venues in your hometown, they don't make it easy for anyone to present there. But we've built the show to be technically simple (which is the only way it's remotely affordable) but highly sophisticated in the dancing we're doing.

It really bears considering that one of the main reasons there is not more dance in the great venues in Washington -- a city replete with them -- is that the costs of
getting into them is just this side of completely impossible. That's a mistake, and it's something a place like the Kennedy Center needs to consider as it asks what kind of venue, and what kind of support, it wants to be and provide.

Selling out guarantees only a smaller loss at the box office.

Regardless, the show will be something to remember. The company has never looked better, danced better or worked better together. The credit for that lies with each of them and with Christopher Morgan, the rehearsal director and glue behind it all. Gonna be a blast come Saturday.

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